The KS / MO Kennedy Center Partners in Education host three types of programs:


Professional Development Seminars

The KS/MO Partners in Education will host a minimum of five Professional Development Seminars for classroom educators and teaching artists each year.



2019 Teaching Artist Training

Applications due: May 1, 2019

The KS/MO Kennedy Center Partners in Education Program is seeking applications from Teaching Artists to receive a series of FREE Professional Development seminars in the field of Arts Integration.

Brought to you by KCAIC and
Yardley Endowment at JCCC Foundation



Annual Symposium

The Annual Symposium for Arts Education takes place each summer.



Arts Integration Celebrations

Two annual events to honor and celebrate our successes in arts education and integration.

Program Objectives:

  • Improve student learning by providing student arts experiences that address 21st century skills: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Communication.

  • Contract experienced, high-quality instructors to deliver methods and strategies for arts integration to educators.

  • Hone the teaching skills of local artists by inviting them to training opportunities and providing professional development that specifically meets their needs.

  • Empower pre-K-12 educators to integrate and appreciate the arts into their curriculum in a meaningful, rigorous, and student-centered way with workshops by arts integration experts along with ongoing peer networking and support.